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Introducing the BIDICON System

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The BIDICON System is a complex solution consisting of software, hardware and additional devices that establishes bidirectional connection between the virtual and the physical world of business processes in an effective and special way, primarily in the industrial field.

Utilize BIDICON's felxibility

The system accurately and instantly fulfills the tasks defined by the customer requirements and comes with an agile and flexible integrated development utility to meet the continuously changing / upcoming needs in a timely and efficient way.

Key Features:

  • Accurate position tracking
  • Effective data visualization services
  • Rapid focus point discovery
  • Real-time decision support
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Our Mission

By producing the Bidicon System we intend to provide a self-learning tool for companies that is flexibly applicable to support a wide variety of workflows and delivers industry-leading performance, key indicator and focus point identification with professional data visualization services.

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Our Vision

By synchronizing the physical workflows with the virtual processes using an innovative industrial system driven by predictive analytics and AI we are on the way to enabling human resources to focus on higher level analyses and take smarter decisions in production process development.