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BIDICON Sport Modul (BSM): Measurement and online monitoring of sport activity & performance during workouts and games

What is BSM good for?
  • Measuring and analyzing the load condition of athletes
  • Measuring training intensity and physical performance during preparation and competition
  • Checking, measuring and analyzing tactical and technical situations (positioning, reactions, spatial culture)
  • Analyzing athletic performance with historical data
  • Game analyzes, considering external/internal parameters
  • Designed specifically for indoor sports analysis, but also works well outdoors
How it works?

BSM system transmitters (players), sensors (fixed around the track) and signal processors (SW + HW) provide objective information on the athlete's activity and physical load, which can significantly support the coach's professional work (measurement, processing and display of position data and HR data).

Developed analytics software provides valuable information about individual athletes and their team work (both indoors and outdoors), player status and development.


Data transfer via Bluetooth and RF technology for the determination and monitoring of positions / movements, and the measurement and online display of player heart rate data.


Continuous analysis of coordinate and timestamp data provided by transmitters and antennas, representation of basketball specific relationships, demonstration to support coaching professional work. Display on PC & mobile.